Recovery and resilience in teens- how can the GP help?


In this episode, GP Bianca Forrester speaks with Professor of Public health Professor Lisa Gibbs Melbourne School of Population and Global Health about crises recovery in communities and how to build resilience in teens through the pandemic recovery phase.

"The conversation needs to be around strengths and vulnerabilities and how do we provide opportunities for kids to demonstrate their competence and supports where it's needed and when it's needed."

Show notes

Prof Lisa Gibbs’ research
Article referenced: Giving Students time for recovery and learning

Risk resilience framework
included on page 57 of the
Adolescent Health GP Resource kit
2nd edition
By Peter Chown, Dr Melissa Kang, Dr Lena Sanci, Verity Newnham and Clin Prof David Bennett AOy Peter Chown, Dr Melissa Kang, Dr Lena Sanci, Verity Newnham and Clin Prof David Bennett AO

A collaboration between NSW CAAH and NSW Transcultural Mental Health Centre.

Psychological First Aid (PFA)
Principles of PFA:

  • Sense of Safety
  • Calming
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Connectedness
  • Hope

Mental Health recovery: CHIME
Bianca mentions the CHIME conceptual framework. Here’s the systematic review:
Conceptual framework for personal recovery in mental health: systematic review and narrative synthesis. Leamy M, Bird V, Le Boutillier C, Williams J, Slade M.Br J Psychiatry. 2011

Kate Brady’s research
Stressors and Supports in Post disaster Recovery: Experiences After the Black Saturday Bushfires

While not mentioned in this episode, we can recommend this review of the evidence:
Bushfires and Pandemics: supporting student and teacher wellbeing post crisis
for recommendations for schools based interventions for teachers & student wellbeing teams.

This Podcast was recorded over "zoom" in November and edited "at home" in December 2021

  • Presented by: Bianca Forrester
  • Guests: Prof Lisa Gibbs, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health
  • Tom Forrester, student, age 14 yrs
  • Produced by: Bianca Forrester
  • Music: Space Cadet Lullabies
  • Graphics: Gaal Creative

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