Management of Obesity

A new, online course is coming for those who need specialist advice on how to help patients manage their weight.

Designed for GPs, doctors in training, dietitians, allied health practitioners and students, the University of Melbourne’s newest online course gives students access to the expertise of industry leaders in this complex area.

The course’s seven contributors include internationally renowned expert on obesity management, Professor Joseph Proietto, who established one of the first obesity clinics in Australia.

An evidence-based approach helps students understand the roles of different diets, exercise, pharmacotherapy and bariatric surgery in weight management.

Course coordinator, Dr Priya Sumithran an endocrinologist at Austin Health, has an interest in hormonal adaptations to weight loss.

“When we lose weight, there are lots of biological changes that make it very easy to put the weight back on,” she said. “It’s not losing weight that’s the problem. It’s keeping the weight off. It’s genuinely difficult for people,” said Dr Sumithran.

All the course’s authors have specific areas of clinical and research expertise, including managing obesity in older people, women planning pregnancy, and people with diabetes.