MRFF Grant Success for HaBIC R2 – Targeting Medication Safety via Future Health Today

Decreasing the number of medication-related hospital admissions is the aim of a new $2.5M, 3-year Medical Research Future Fund project co-led by Griffith University and QUT and implemented via HaBIC R2 using the ‘Future Health Today’ (FHT) decision support technology developed by University of Melbourne in collaboration with Western Health. The study will use FHT to automate the detection of medication safety issues before they occur in General Practice.

“In Australia, 250,000 hospital admissions and 400,000 emergency presentations per year are due to potentially preventable medication-related hospitalisations,” said Dr Jean Spinks from Griffith University’s Centre for Applied Health Economics.

“Medication safety can be targeted in primary care by identifying people at greatest risk, undertaking interventions in a timely way and ensuring the health workforce can resolve problems before harm occurs.”

Pharmacists, working collaboratively with GPs and PHN’s, will be able to systematically address issues such as under prescribing, over prescribing or incomplete therapeutic monitoring.

Congratulations to the HaBIC R2 team and their collaborators!