The Maze Phase - our podcast for Primary health professionals working with teens

The Maze Phase is a podcast, developed for primary care professionals working with teens navigating life and the healthcare system. Through the medium of long form podcasting, the series aims to provide listeners with a solid understanding of best practice approaches to youth friendly health care and to provide tips for clinical practice.

In each episode, GP academic, Bianca Forrester, speaks with experts in the field of adolescent health and social care. They discuss tricky health issues affecting teens as they travel through the second decade of life. Discussions focus on the basics of assessment and management of common presentations as well as delving into the complexities and nuances involved in providing comprehensive and developmentally appropriate care to this age group.

Guests include: Prof Lena Sanci (Episode 1- Youth Friendly Health care), Prof Susan Sawyer (Episode 4- The Age of Adolescence), A/Prof Sandra Radovini (Episodes 2,3,5&6 Mental Health presentations in teens), Drs Michele Yeo and Jenny Conway (Episode 7-Eating disorders in teens) and Prof Sonia Grover (Episode 8- Period pain in teens).

These podcasts are available from Apple iTunes and Google Play, or wherever you access your podcasts.

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