Update on the MiND Study

The MiND Study Team at Neuropsychiatry Royal Melbourne Hospital and The University of Melbourne have been busy testing a simple blood test to diagnose younger onset dementia and other neuropsychiatric disorders more accurately and quickly.

At just under two years into the study, the team are pleased to report that they have recruited over 450 participants across general practices, memory clinics, and medical specialist (neurology, geriatrics, psychiatry) consulting room across Australia. This is an extremely positive response, particularly given the challenges that COVID-19 has presented.

The team would like to extend their gratitude to every GP, clinician and health service, who have referred patients to the study, and to the patients and families who have supported the Study via their ongoing generosity, participation, and heart-felt passion for the cause. This has been instrumental in our recruitment success to date, which will ultimately get us closer to clinical translational outcomes (i.e., a routinely available point of care blood test in the real world. Think of it as a “CRP” for the brain to indicate whether “something neurological is going on”).

The team is keen to boost recruitment to this important piece of research that could potentially benefit us all, and especially our patients and their families.

If you would like to learn more about the study, and help the team reduce the delay in diagnosis with a routinely available blood test in general practice to improve outcomes for your patients, families, and the healthcare system, please visit: https://go.unimelb.edu.au/6sse or reach out to the team at: contact@themindstudy.org

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