Nurse Cervical Screening Provider Awards

DangVan Dang completed the Pap Tests for Nurses subject in 2005 and now provides a cervical screening service at Dorevitch pathology and Springvale All care Medical Practice.  The majority (75%) of women Van sees are from multicultural back grounds and lack access to a female GP.  Van has consistently maintained quality of practice.  In 2012, Van won the ‘Quality of Practice’ award with an endo-cervical screening rate of 96% and this year Van won both the ‘Quality of Practice’ award and the ‘Highest number of Pap tests’ (by a Victorian nurse) award.  Van provided screening for more than 800 women in 2015 with an average endo-cervical rate of 97.4% (average rate 76.8%).  Van said that the course she attended at the University of Melbourne:
”has given me confidence and a strong foundation … to work independently”.

JGoldsmithJane Goldsmith completed her cervical screening course with the School of Population Health and credited this to the Graduate Diploma in Primary Care Nursing.  Jane works at Gisborne Medical Centre and was a finalist for the Cervical Screening “Nurse of the year” award which recognises the overall achievements of an individual nurse in the delivery of outstanding care.  Jane’s practice manager, Riwka Hagen, said:

“Jane is an exemplary nurse and a highly capable Pap nurse provider. Jane has established a much sought after service which not only includes Pap tests, but a women's wellness clinic.  Feedback from patients has been outstanding. Women appreciate the additional time and care that Jane provides in delivering holistic care. GPs are referring to Jane's clinics and word of mouth in the community has ensured that her sessions are very well utilised”.

Congratulations to both nurses on this excellent achievement.