RACGP eHealth Forum – features our research program Data for Decisions leading academics Dr Jo-Anne Manski Nankervis and Dr Rachel Canaway

A very well attended forum was held by the RACGP exploring the opportunities in ehealth to advance the quality, safety and innovation in general practice care

The RACGP Expert Committee–‘Practice Technology and Management’ held their 5th annual eHealth Forum on the 29th of August 2019. It was well attended by key stakeholders and leaders in digital health from around Australia, including representatives from key universities, Australian Digital Health Agency, Department of Health, AIHW, CSIRO, PHNs, the Health Informatics Society of Australia, and many practising GPs.

Our academics, Dr Canaway and Dr Jo-Anne Manksi-Nankervis, were invited to present on research and general practice data. They highlighted our Data for Decisions research initiative which seeks to use international best practices to enable safe and ethical governance, management and use of de-identified patient data for research purposes. Data for Decisions aims to make better use of existing primary care data to improve knowledge, medical education, health care policy and the way medical care is delivered, and to ultimately improve the health of Australians.

The Data for Decisions team are currently recruiting members of the public and general practice representatives to join our healthcare consumer and general practice advisory panels. Contact Rachel to learn more.

Rachel and Jo-Anne also celebrated the work of their students; Academic GP Registrar Dr Timothy Monaghan’s study investigating general practice attitudes to providing de-identified patient information to researchers, and 4th year medical student Sophea Ing’s research on patients’ attitudes to sharing their de-identified medical records for research purposes. Learning more about the social and ethical issues related to use of patient data for research is just one important aspect of the Data for Decisions program.

Learn more about Data for Decisions at www.gp.unimelb.edu.au/datafordecisions

Highlights and details of the RACGP eHealth forum are available on the RACGP website

The 3 minute highlights video captures the positive mood fuelling initiatives and innovation around digital health and use of general practice medical data