Presenting a help seeking tool for young people in New Orleans

Assoc Prof Lena Sanci and PhD student Marianne Webb recently delivered well-received oral presentations at the meeting of the Society of Adolescent Health in New Orleans.

Lena presented the findings of the Link Project: A randomised controlled trial of an online mental health help-seeking tool for young people. This online intervention aimed at facilitating help-seeking, showed reduced negative affect and increased quality of life for young people using the online tool. Marianne’s presentation reported on the co-design and evaluation of a health and lifestyle screening app, based on the HEEADSSS framework, completed by young people prior to their primary care appointment. Youth responses were immediately available to the GP in a summary report on a secure website, highlighting areas of concern and strength, along with suggested actions to take, to assist discussion during the consultation. Results suggested use of the screening app created scope to identify and address unmet health needs and increased patient-centred care.
Conference proceedings were published in the Journal of Adolescent Health.
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