One size does not fit all when managing depressive symptoms

A study documenting the patient voice when it comes to preferences for managing depressive symptoms in primary care

Clinically relevant depressive symptoms that do not meet diagnostic criteria for major depression is a common condition managed by GPs. Understanding how patients with sub-threshold depression manage their mood, and what support and information they would like from GPs has been an ongoing focus of investigation for researchers in the Mental Health Research Program. Under the supervision of Professor Jane Gunn and Dr Sandra Davidson, Anna Taylor a final year medical student visiting from the University of Bristol, has undertaken in-depth interviews with patients. These interviews explored the natural history of the patient’s depression, management strategies they use, treatment offered by their GPs, and factors influencing their preference for future treatment (such as healthcare beliefs, self-efficacy and issues around stigma). The findings from this study are currently being prepared for publication.

AnnaTaylorAnna has since returned to the UK to complete her studies and commence working as a junior doctor in North West England. She plans to pursue a career as an academic GP or psychiatrist, and will have protected time for further research and teaching experience over the next two years. We wish Anna the very best for her future career.