Meet Us

Independent Data Governance Committee

Samantha Chandler
Samantha Chandler, Committee Chair, Consumer Representative
Cheryle Abela
Cheryle Abela: Senior Manager Medical Services (Community Health)
Sophy Athan
Sophy Athan: Consumer representative
Dr Jane Goller
Dr Jane Goller: Public health researcher
Elvin Paul Lam
Elvin Paul Lam, Consumer representative
Minna Paltiel
Minna Paltiel, Lawyer and PhD candidate
Dr Shona Thoma
Dr Shona Thomas, GP
Dr Aadhil Aziz
Dr Aadhil Aziz, GP
Revital Rosenberg
Revital Rosenberg, Chief Data Officer

Research / Management Team

The University of Melbourne

Professor Jane Gunn, Deputy Dean
Prof Jane Gunn, Data for Decisions patron. Deputy Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science, The University of Melbourne
Lena Sanci
Data Custodian, Prof Lena Sanci,
Head, Department of General
Practice and Primary Care
A/Prof Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis
A/Prof Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis,
Academic GP, Department of General
Practice and Primary Care
Professor Jane Hocking
Prof Jane Hocking,
Epidemiologist, Melbourne School of
Population and Global Health
A/Prof Douglas IR Boyle
Prof Douglas Boyle, Data Steward,
Director of HaBIC R2, Department of
General Practice and Primary Care
Prof Jon Emery
Responsible Researcher: Prof Jon Emery,
Professor of Primary Care Cancer Research,
The University of Melbourne and Western Health

Data and Technical Team - HaBIC R2

Health & Biomedical Informatics Centre, Research information technology unit, University of Melbourne

A/Prof Douglas IR Boyle
Data Steward: Prof Douglas Boyle, Original developer of GRHANITE, Director of HaBIC R2, Department of General Practice and Primary Care
Data Analyst
Data Analyst: Christine Chidgey
Gary (Yu Sun)
GRHANITE Technical Support Lead Engineer: Gary Yu Sun
Jason Line
Operations Manager: Jason Line
Yang Wang
Data Analyst / Programmer: Yang Wang
Data Systems Architect: Herry Hamidjaja
Dinesh Chikurumelli
Technical Support Officer: Dinesh Chikurumelli