Meet Us

Independent Data Governance Committee

Samantha Chandler
Samantha Chandler, Committee Chair, Consumer Representative
Cheryle Abela
Cheryle Abela: Senior Manager Medical Services (Community Health)
Sophy Athan
Sophy Athan: Consumer representative
Marianna Dare
Dr Marianna Dare: GP
Emeritus Prof Stephen Duckett
Emeritus Prof Stephen Duckett, Health Economist
Dr Jane Goller
Dr Jane Goller: Public health researcher
Elvin Paul Lam
Elvin Paul Lam, Consumer representative
Minna Paltiel
Minna Paltiel, Lawyer and PhD candidate
Grace Sia
Grace Sia, General practice/area manager
Dr Tim Stobie
Dr Tim Stobie, GP
Dr Shona Thoma
Dr Shona Thomas, GP

Research / Management Team

The University of Melbourne

Project Manager, Ms Angela Ouroumis, Department of General Practice
Lena Sanci
Data Custodian, Professor Lena Sanci, Head, Department of General Practice
A/Prof Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis
A/Prof Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis, Academic GP, Department of General Practice
Professor Jane Hocking
Professor Jane Hocking, Epidemiologist, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health
A/Prof Douglas IR Boyle
Prof Douglas Boyle, Data Steward, Director of HaBIC R2, Department of General Practice
Prof Jon Emery
Responsible Researcher: Prof Jon Emery, Professor of Primary Care Cancer Research, The University of Melbourne and Western Health
Anna Wood
General Practice Research Officer: Anna Wood, Department of General Practice

Data and Technical Team - HaBIC R2

Health & Biomedical Informatics Centre, Research information technology unit, University of Melbourne

A/Prof Douglas Boyle
Data Steward: Prof Douglas Boyle, Original developer of GRHANITE, Director of HaBIC R2, Department of General Practice
Data Analyst
Data Analyst: Christine Chidgey
Gary (Yu Sun)
GRHANITE Technical Support Lead Engineer: Gary Yu Sun
Amit Taneja
GRHANITE Technical Support Officer: Amit Taneja
Warwick Strangward
Operations Manager: Warwick Strangward
Yang Wang
Data Analyst / Programmer: Yang Wang
Data Systems Architect: Herry Hamidjaja