Graduating our talented Indonesian students

Each year in November our Bachelor of Medical Science team travel to Indonesia to present the graduating class with their University of Melbourne award certificates and prizes.

The Department of Medical Education delivers the Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSci) program for international medical students from Universitas Indonesia.  Our Indonesian students come to Melbourne to take part in an intercalated intensive research training program.  A highlight of the program is the time spent with clinical mentors in our research and teaching hospitals and research facilities. The program is a key part of the partnership between the two universities and has produced over 350 graduates in the last 15 years.

Universitas Indonesia holds a graduation ceremony in Jakarta to celebrate the successful graduates on completion of their research training as well as award their degrees. The Bachelor of Medical Science team also award the student with the highest score across the year-long program with the Dean’s Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement and is presented with a university medal and $1000 prize money.

The 2017-2018 recipient of The Dean's Prize is Ms Ayesha Soeharto who completed the BMedSci program with a high distinction. Ayesha undertook her clinical placement at Royal Children’s Hospital in the Clinical Haematology department under the supervision of Professor Paul Monagle. During her time with Professor Monagle, she also undertook her research and submitted a systematic review on “Monitoring Antiplatelet Therapy in Neonates and Children” and the findings of her review have been combined with other work from the department into a manuscript which has been accepted for publication in the “Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis”.

Ms Ayesha graduating pictured with her father, Professor Steve Trumble, Dr Anita Horvath and Dr Krithika Sundaram

Ms Ayesha Soeharto (second from left) and her proud grandfather (left) with Professor Steve Trumble, Dr Anita Horvath and Dr Krithika Sundaram of the Department of Medical Education in Jakarta on 8 November 2018.