New study: engaging CALD communities during COVID-19 pandemic


A major challenge for dealing with the COVID pandemic in Australia is ensuring that culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities have an appropriate understanding about self-care and government advice and directives in order to avoid infection and transmission. Reaching non-English-speaking communities with timely and accessible information is now acknowledged to be a significant problem in eliminating COVID in Victoria.

Associate Professor Associate Professor Robyn Woodward-Kron from the Department of Medical Education joins colleagues Professor John Hajek, Dr Maria Karidakis and Professor Anthony Pym from the School of Languages and Linguistics to explore:

  1. The provision of information across languages and communities
  2. Mechanisms of access to and reach within CALD communities
  3. Issues arising out of provision and access; as well as
  4. Response to resources and services by CALD communities.

Part of the focus is on three case studies: the Greek, Italian and Chinese communities, especially with respect to information provision to protect the elderly.

The project is highly timely and promises significant impact over time by helping governments and other organisations to improve information and service delivery.

Project website.