Andrew Huang

Principal supervisor

Professor Elizabeth Molloy (Department of Medical Education)

Associate supervisors

Associate Professor Anna Ryan (Department of Medical Education)
Associate Professor Margaret Bearman (Deakin University)

Project title

The value of video in medical education.

Abstract / overview of project

The world is changing. People are using video technology to help them understand what has happened or is happening (think of surveillance cameras, car dashcams and reversing cameras, police body cameras), and use the video to enrich feedback, enhance decision making, or simply to get an edge over the competition (think of professional sports).

The aim of my research is to train doctors better and to train better doctors.

Just about everyone has a smartphone with a camera, and my research will investigate if we can use video technology to improve the feedback that supervisors give to trainee doctors, and what effect this technology has on a trainee’s self-perception. I’m undertaking my PhD part time and have commenced in 2019.