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The Rural Health topic will provide an in-depth exploration of health care in the rural context. The Rural Health topic explores the benefits and challenges of practice in regional and remote Australia and will cover issues such as the complexities of delivery and access to care, disparities to access, social determinants and the needs of different population groups including First Nations Australians.  This topic would suit students who have an interest in pursuing a career in a rural setting as well as those who may just want to understand more about rural life and practice.

Intended learning outcomes

  • Discuss characteristics of rural and remote settings including the identification of vulnerable populations in these settings
  • Explain the role of health practitioners including the benefits and challenges of working in rural/remote settings
  • Examine the impact of specific social determinants on the health of rural and remote population groups
  • Compare health service delivery models and consequential health outcomes between rural and metropolitan settings
  • Appraise strategies or interventions that aim to promote sustainable and healthy rural and remote communities