Our People


Prof Rinaldo Bellomo, Professor of Intensive Care

Deputy Directors

Prof George Braitberg, Professor of Emergency Medicine
Prof David Story, Professor & Chair of Anaesthesia

Staff and students

Anna Parker, Manager
Sofia Sidiropoulos, ROCKet Trial Manager
Gayle Claxton, ROCKet Trial Coordinator
Violet Mukaro, ROCKet Trial Coordinator
Celene Yap, SNAKE Study Research Assistant 
Prof Michael Bailey, Clinical Trial Statistician

Simon Chong, DMedSc student 
Jai Darvall, PhD student
Marissa Fergusson, MMed student
Andrew Huang, PhD student 
Scott McAlister, PhD student
Lachlan Miles, PhD student
Neda Taghizadeh, PhD student
Phung To, PhD student
Laurence Weinberg, PhD student

Honorary and affiliated appointments

Prof Andrew Davidson
Prof Anne-Maree Kelly
Prof Kate Leslie
Prof Philip Peyton
Prof Bernhard Reidel
Prof David Scott
Prof Reny Segal
Prof David Taylor
Prof Daryl Williams

A/Prof David Andrews
A/Prof Michael Barrington
A/Prof Andrew Bjorksten
A/Professor Thomas Chan
A/Professor Adam Deane
A/Prof Alicia Dennis 
A/Prof Lisbeth Evered
A/Prof Malcolm Hogg
A/Prof Daryl Jones 
A/Prof Jonathan Knott 
A/Prof Christopher MacIsaac 
A/Prof David Pescod
A/Prof Jeffrey Presneill 
A/Professor John Santamaria
A/Prof Melinda Truesdale 
A/Prof Laurence Weinberg
A/Prof Robyn Woodward-Kron

Dr Kara Allen
Dr Megan Allen
Dr Lahiru Amaratunge
Dr Amanda Baric
Dr Anjalee Brahmbhatt
Dr David Bramley 
Dr Simon Chong
Dr Jason Chou
Dr John Cormack
Dr Tim Coulson 
Dr Dean Cowie
Dr Anthony Cross 
Dr Oliver Daly
Dr Cathy Daniel 
Dr Jai Darvall
Dr Martin Dutch
Mr Alan Eade 
Dr Louise Ellard
Dr Jake Geertsema 
Dr Robyn Gillies
Dr Alison Graham
Dr Jonathan Graham
Dr Gaylene Heard
Dr Greg Henderson 
Dr Elizabeth Hessian
Dr Jonathan Hiller
Dr Brad Hockey
Dr Phillipa Hore
Dr Raymond Hu
Dr Andrew Huang
Dr Georgina Imberger
Dr Craig Ironfield
Dr Hilmy Ismail
Dr Andrew Jeffreys
Dr Charles Kim
Dr Roman Kluger 
Dr Juliana Kok
Dr Anthony Leaver
Dr Keat Lee
Dr Matthew Lee 
Dr Darren Lowen 
Dr Jamahal Luxford
Dr Forbes McGain 
Dr Ian McKenzie 
Dr Lachlan Miles
Dr James Mitchell
Dr Justin Nazareth 
Dr Irene Ng
Dr Martin Nguyen
Dr Bill Nimo 
Dr Suzi Nou 
Dr Brett Pearce
Dr Elizabeth Pemberton
Dr Tuong Phan
Dr Mark Plummer 
Dr Mark Putland
Dr Mani Rajee 
Dr Helen Roberts 
Dr Ben Slater
Dr Gabriel Snyder
Dr Chong Tan
Dr Niki Tan
Dr Rowan Thomas
Dr David Tremewan
Dr Alistair Walpole
Dr Crispin Wan 
Dr Stephen Warrillow
Dr Ronelle Welton 
Dr Anselm Wong
Dr Daniel Wong
Dr Celene Yap