About us

We know that sharing knowledge and expertise with one another, across communities, services, research and policy can bring about lasting practice change and improve health and wellbeing.  Older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the custodians of cultural knowledge and ways of knowing, doing and being.  In working collaboratively with Elders, their families, carers and communities we can better understand their needs and to find ways to optimize health and well-being.

Supported by our Indigenous leaders and community networks, the OnTRACK CRE will deliver a comprehensive program of dementia research and translation leading to evidence-based, community informed, culturally safe care and improved health and well-being outcomes.

Our expert team of 10 Chief Investigators and 9 Associate Investigators come from leading universities and centres across Australia. With varied backgrounds and significant expertise in many health and related fields we aim to generate new knowledge that leads to improved health outcomes across three main themes:

Theme 1 Dementia risk reduction, prevention, and diagnosis

Theme 2 Management of dementia

Theme 3 Dementia literacy and health communication

Develop a national Indigenous dementia database

Identify risk & protective factors for dementia & population attributable risk fractions

Develop & validate a risk factor tool for cognitive impairment & dementia

Develop a framework for biomarker & genomic research in dementia

Describe the patterns of multi-morbidity & health care utilisation in those with dementia

Explore approaches to advance care planning & end of life care in dementia

Develop evidence based culturally relevant approaches to advance care planning & end of life care in dementia

Explore modelling for future care workforce & health care needs in those with dementia

Determine what is understood about dementia in communities

Scope culturally relevant programs for dementia

Develop a framework that incorporates culturally appropriate approaches to support dementia literacy & health communication

Develop a guide to inform health services & communities about best-practice approaches to developing dementia literacy