2023 Recordings

30 January 2023
Title: Exploring the lived experiences of individuals and couples accessing Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing for Monogenic conditions (PGT-M)
Presenter: Alice Poulton
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2 February 2023
Title: PhD Confirmation Seminar: Genomic characterisation of normal and abnormal endometrium
Presenter: Jessica Chung
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2 February 2023
Title: Contemporary Ethical Issues in Reproductive Medicine
Presenter: A/Prof Alex Polyakov
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3 February 2023
Title: What size is healthy? Defining abnormal fetal and infant size in pregnancy.
Presenter: Dr Natasha Pritchard
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6 February 2023
Title: Optimising abortion care: Perspectives of care providers and community stakeholders
Presenter: Kate Chaouki
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13 February 2023
Presenter:Alexandra Roddy Mitchell
Title: PhD progress seminar: Mental Health in the Perinatal Period
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14 February 2023
Title: PhD confirmation - Molecular dysregulation of stem cell markers in
placental insufficiency pathogenesis
Presenter:  Georgia Wong
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20 February 2023
Title: Investigating the basis of antibiotic resistance in Mycoplasma genitalium
Presenter: Teck-Phui Chua
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27 February 2023
Title: High flow humidified nasal oxygen in pregnant people
Presenter: Dr Patrick Tan
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6 March 2023
Title: Fertility Preservation for Children and Young Adults with Cancer
Presenter: A/Prof Mary Morris, Harvard USA
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13 March 2023
Title: Can anti-cancer therapies damage the uterus and compromise pregnancy success?
Presenter: Dr Meaghan Griffiths
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14 March 2023
Title: The function of SPINT molecules in placental development and insufficiency
Presenter: Ciara Murphy
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27 March 2023
Title: Developing innovative models for the examination of vascular adaptations and dysfunction in pregnancy
Presenter: Bianca Fato
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3 April 2023
Title: FcRL3, named MAIA, is newly identified ligand for human sperm-oocyte membrane binding and fusion
Presenter: A/Prof. Katerina Komrskova, Hudson Institute of Medical Research & Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, BIOCEV Czech Republic
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1 May 2023
Title: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: An Evolutionary Adaptation to Lifestyle and the Environment
Presenter: Dr Jim Parker
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22 May 2023
Title: End-to-end approach to developing new maternal medicines: findings from the Accelerating Innovation for Mothers project
Presenter: Dr Annie McDougall
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29 May 2023
Title: Special Studies Program Seminar
Presenter: Prof Martha Hickey
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16 June 2023
Title: Addressing under-represented cohorts in neonatal clinical trials
Presenter: Dr Stacey Peart
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26 June 2023
Title: Conservative therapies in the management of endometriosis-associated pelvic pain
Presenter: A/Prof Helena Frawley
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10 July 2023
Title: Novel therapeutics for the prevention of preterm birth
Presenter: Bridget Arman
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17 July 2023
Title: Undertaking co-designed and community-led cohort studies with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
Presenter: A/Prof Kym Rae
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24 July 2023
Title: The epididymis: balancing the burden & responsibility of fertility
Presenter: Dr David Skerrett-Byrne
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31 July 2023
Title: Sonographic assessment of lung volume in newborn infants
Presenter: Dr Arun Sett
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7 August 2023
Title: Menstrual Needs Study: Exploring the Physical, psychological, social, and Medical Needs of Young Women with heavy menstrual bleeding and Pain.
Presenter: Shiva Pourali
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21 August 2023
Title: Antenatal Corticosteroid Therapy: A History and Update
Presenter: Dr Sean Carter
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28 August 2023Title: OBESO Perinatal Cohort. The First 2000 Days of Life
Presenter: Dr Guadalupe Estrada GutiƩrrez
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1 September 2023
Title: Nutrient Transport in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity
Presenter: Polin Haghvirdizadeh
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4 September 2023
Title: Regulatory T cell dysfunction in early pregnancy failure
Presenter: Dr Kerrie Foyle
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11 September 2023
Title: HMRI Infertility and Reproduction Research Program and School of Environmental and Life Sciences, University of Newcastle
Presenter: Dr John Schjenken
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18 September 2023
Presenter : Rose Freemantle
Title : Purinergic Signalling in the Placenta
Presenter : Chloe Miles
Title : Characterising complement effector levels in the placenta and examining the effects of eculizumab in mitigating placental dysfunction in preeclampsia
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25 September 2023
Title: Interior Architectural Designer, Access Consultant
Presenter:  Ilianna Ginnis
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9 October 2023
Title: Transgender Health and Reproductive Health; one and the same?
Presenter: A/Prof Ada Cheung
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23 October 2023
Title: The most impactful symptom: A new measure of endometriosis
Presenter: Alice Mitchell
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30 October 2023
Title: Understanding the mechanisms of HPV-negative cervical cancer and discovering biomarkers of anogenital cancer in Australian women - PhD Progress Seminar
Presenter: Windy Huang
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6 November 2023
Title: Investigating subtypes of placental dysfunction and assessing the impact of maternal exposure to pollution on pregnancy outcomes
Presenter: Dr Kirsty Vincent
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13 November 2023
Title: The Hidden Ingredient: Investigating the effects of ubiquitous molybdenum in placental physiology
Presenter: Vladimira Vladimirova
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20 November 2023
Title: PhD Progress Seminar
Presenter: Jess Atkinson
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23 November 2023
Title: Evaluation of uterine function for reproduction
Presenter: Dr Genia Rozen
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