Mercy and RWH Summer Elective 2022

Pictured: Various photos of Summer Elective Workshop, pictures by Ava Morison

On 29 November 2023 the Mercy teaching staff held their first summer elective workshop including three different learning stations.

Basic Suturing – Each student was given a suturing kit and a stuffed animal to learn and demonstrate different basic sutures.

Common Problems in normal birth – The students were in small groups where they had complex discussions about different complications that could arise during a normal birth, throughout this discussion they used models to demonstrate how they would navigate these problems if they were to happen.

Communication Skills – An open discussion was held with the students about how important communication skills are and how they could improve their basic communications skills.

Overall, this workshop was a big hit! We asked students for their feedback on the workshop in which 92% of students said they learnt something new and 91.8% of students said that the workshop helped develop their existing skills.

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