MRFF funding for Endometriosis research

Congratulations to The Royal Women’s and Mercy Hospitals Endometriosis research team, led by Prof Peter Rogers, for being awarded $3.9 million by the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) for “Improving diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis".

The University of Melbourne is one of the five leading research institutions that were awarded funds to contribute to a greater understanding of endometriosis for the benefit of women in Australia as well as globally.

Endometriosis is a chronic menstrual health disorder that affects around 1 in 10 (700,000) Australian females. The governments $9.5 million investment will support projects to improve diagnosis, treatment and a better understanding of the causes of Endometriosis.

The RWH Endometriosis team will use the funds to support their program which comprises of 9 projects under 3 major themes; 1) Better diagnosis of initial and recurrent endometriosis, 2) Improved outcomes for women with endometriosis-related pain, and 3) Development of evidence-based pathways to treat endometriosis-related infertility. The RWH/Mercy Endometriosis team includes the following researchers:

  • Prof Peter Rogers (CI)
  • A/Prof Martin Healey (CI)
  • Dr Sarah Holdsworth-Carson (CI)
  • Dr Jacqui Donoghue (CI)
  • A/Prof Helena Frawley (CI)
  • Dr Claudia Cheng (CI)
  • Dr Emma Readman (AI)
  • A/Prof Kate Stern (AI)
  • Dr Michal Amir (AI)
  • Dr Charlotte Reddington (AI)
  • Dr Keryn Harlow (AI)
  • Dr Samantha Mooney (AI)

In addition, collaborators from Victoria, Interstate and overseas are heavily involved.

Congratulations to the Endometriosis team for their funding success, we are very excited to see their research and the impacts it has upon the community.

For more information on the MRFF Grant Schemes please visit :

Link to media release :,early%20risk%20factors%20for%20endometriosis.