PhD scholarship in Reproductive Biology


We are looking for an enthusiastic PhD candidate to undertake a project in the area of human reproductive biology with specific emphasis on human oocyte quality/function. The main focus of the project will be to elucidate the role of mitochondrial content, distribution and metabolic function in determining the developmental potential of the human oocyte.

The mechanism(s) by which oocyte aging affects oocyte quality will be studied, and the possibility that supplementation of endogenous mitochondrial content and function, via injection of exogenous mitochondria, may enhance oocyte quality will be explored.

Experience in handling and manipulation of mammalian gametes and/or embryos could be an advantage.

The scholarship is sponsored by Virtus Health and will be based at Melbourne IVF and the University of Melbourne under the supervision of Professor David Gardner and Dr Debra Gook.  Commencing from January 2020.

Enquires Debra Gook 03 8345 3242 or