Congratulations to Associate Professor Natalie Hannan who was awarded the Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowships

Associate Professor Natalie Hannan’s work will use sophisticated models to improve our fundamental understanding of signalling pathways important in the developing placenta and vascular changes in pregnancy, essential to reproduction success.

Purinergic signalling in placentation and vascular adaptation in pregnancy. Our traditional understanding of purinergic signalling in the placenta is significantly outdated and incomplete. The placenta is critical for reproduction in all eutherian mammals, delivering critical nutrition and oxygen to the developing fetus. This project aims to define the role of purinergic signalling as a critical mechanism driving placentation and angiogenesis. This is the first study of its kind and will use sophisticated models to improve our fundamental understanding and ability to manipulate mammalian reproduction via the purinoreceptors. This proposal builds on my skills and expertise; improving our knowledge of the processes driving placental and vascular morphogenesis and offers important discoveries for reproductive science.

There was a 15% success rate for this round. The complete list of ARC Future Fellowships can be found here.

We applaud Natalie on this great success.