RWH Student Symposium

Congratulations to all students for great presentations at this year's Royal Women's Hospital Student Symposium.

This year the scores were very close in all categories and there was a tie in 2 of the categories.

Student Symposium Best Postgraduate Presentation ($500)

Patrick Tan, PhD, Anaesthetics
Supervisor: A Dennis
High flow humidified nasal oxygen versus face mask oxygen for preoxygenation of pregnant women – a prospective randomised controlled crossover non-inferiority study (The HINOP2 study)

Student Symposium Best Undergraduate Presentation ($500)

Madeleine Howe, Hons, Gynaecology
Supervisors: E Dimitriadis, W Zhou
The role of MUC5AC in endometrial receptivity and blastocyst implantation

Student Symposium Best Designed Poster ($150 each)

Sherine Sandhu, PhD, Gynaecology
Supervisors: M Peate, M Hickey, S Braat, R Lew
The Baseline Characteristics of Women Considering Elective Egg Freezing

Shiva Pourali Roudbaneh, PhD, Gynaecology
Supervisors: M Peate, J Marino, E Riggs
Heavy menstrual bleeding and pelvic pain in adolescents: a systematic review of self-management strategies, quality of life, and unmet needs

Student Symposium People’s Choice Award ($150 each)

Margot Robertson, Hons, Obstetric Medicine
Supervisors: S Price, B Kalionis
Obesity and Leptin as drivers of preeclampsia

Polin Haghvirdizadeh, PhD, Pregnancy
Supervisors: H Georgiou, B Kalionis
The effect of high glucose on mesenchymal stem/stromal cells