Welcome to the Department of Paediatrics

The Department of Paediatrics is based at the Melbourne Children’s Campus which it shares with its Campus partners comprising the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI). Collectively, the Melbourne Children’s Campus is acknowledged as a global leader in clinical care, research and education in paediatrics and child health.

The Melbourne Children’s Campus delivers high quality clinical care, education and research. The institutions work collaboratively in a formal tri-partite partnership. The University, RCH and MCRI have all benefited greatly from this partnership, which has translated into outstanding care for children and adolescents in the Victorian community and beyond. The campus is also supported immensely by the RCH Foundation, who provide outstanding philanthropic leadership and support for the activities of the campus.

The Department of Paediatrics is primarily the custodian of all education activities on campus and provides exemplary undergraduate and post-graduate education. The Department is also involved in clinical care, research leadership, hospital senior management and policy development, as well as significant outreach and community engagement activities. Comprising clinical, allied health and medical-science academic teachers and researchers, we currently have over 70 Academic staff (including 23 Professors) and 15 Professional staff, with a further 425 Honorary staff members contributing to the success of our educational, research and engagement endeavours.

We run under-graduate and post-graduate programs in child and adolescent health, genetic counselling, genomics, paediatric surgery and other relevant specialties. An integral part of the Doctor of Medicine, our Child and Adolescent Health component of the medical course has an enviable reputation, and we host the largest cohort of in MD research project students in the School.  We also have one of the largest research higher degree student enrolments in the University with over 150 graduate research students, and offer a number of specialist coursework Masters programs.

The Department of Paediatrics, in collaboration and partnership with MCRI and RCH, undertakes world leading research into diverse aspects of child and adolescent health. Our aim is to perform ground breaking translational and patient-orientated research across the breadth of paediatric disciplines. The research of the Department primarily falls under the broad umbrella of the custodian of research for the campus, the MCRI. This arrangement maximises the facilities and resources available to support our extensive research programs.

We aim to fully harness the enormous potential available from the vast clinical, research and educational expertise and resources available on campus in order to drive forward all aspects of the discipline of paediatrics and child health.