Graduate Research Degree Awarded - Kelly Roeszler

Congratulations to Kelly Roeszler - Graduate Research Degree Awarded 31 January 2023.

Degree: PhD
Supervisors: Prof. Kathryn North, Dr. Jane Seto, Prof. Andrew Sinclair
Advisory Committee:  Ass. Prof Shireen Lamande, Assoc Prof. Paul Gregorevic

Thesis Title: The effect of α-actinin-3 deficiency on the regulation of skeletal muscle mass and response to androgens

Thesis Summary: Loss of muscle mass and strength (muscle wasting) due to reduced testosterone is common and affects quality of life. α-Actinin-3 deficiency occurs in ~20% of population and decreases muscle mass without causing disease. This study explores how α-actinin-3 deficiency influences muscle mass and response to loss/increase in androgens. We show that α-actinin-3 deficiency exacerbates wasting caused by androgen depletion and reduces effectiveness of therapies to enhance muscle mass, through downregulating androgen receptor and disrupting cross-talk between muscle mass regulatory pathways.

Date awarded: 31 January 2023

Kelly Roeszler GRD PhD student