Graduate Research Degree Awarded - Victoria Soriano

Congratulations to Victoria Soriano - Graduate Research Degree Awarded 26 April 2022.

Degree: PhD
Supervisors: A/Prof Jennifer Koplin (primary), A/Prof Rachel Peters, Prof Anne-Louise Ponsonby, Prof Shyamali Dharmage
Advisory Committee: Prof Fiona Mensah (chair) and A/Prof Kirsten Perrett

Thesis Title: Early life oral exposures as risk factors for food allergy and the impact of infant feeding guidelines

Thesis Summary: Victoria Soriano, who studied food allergy risk factors. Her study used advanced epidemiological methods to show that advising infants eat allergenic foods led to parents safely introduction peanut products to infants, and halted the rise of infant peanut allergy. Her findings also identified infant dummy cleaning as a potential new risk factor.

Date awarded: 26 April 2022

Victoria Soriano PhD graduate