Department Awards 2016

Presentations included Master of Psychiatry Teaching Awards, the Bruce Singh Award and the announcement of the John Adey and John Cade Memorial Medal Award.

The Master of Psychiatry Teaching Awards are based on the collation of student feedback for 2016 and awarded to lecturers with the highest scores in core subjects and the highest score for coordinators in selective subjects of the Master of Psychiatry.

The Bruce Singh Award is bestowed upon the highest achieving student averaged across three years in the Master of Psychiatry.  The Awardee was Dr Sarah Rostein.

The John Adey and John Cade Memorial Medal Award (RANZCP) was awarded to Esther Sim. Ms Sim will commence her internship at the Austin Hospital.

Staff who received a Master of Psychiatry teaching award were:

Associate Professor James OlverMental State Examination
Professor Chris Pantelis: Schizophrenia Aeitology and Diagnosis
Associate Professor Mike Salzberg:  History of Psychiatry
Associate Professor Sathya Rao and Associate Professor Jo Beatson: Understanding Personality Disorders
Professor Andrew Chanen: Cognitive Analytic Therapy
Dr Danny CheahAdolescence
Dr Carolyn Breadon:Consultation Liaison in the Emergency Department and General hospital
Dr Justin DwyerPsycho-oncology
Dr Eleanor Curran: Dementia: Who gets it and why?
Associate Professor Steve Ellen and Ms Jill Stark:Psychiatry and the Media
Dr Tram Nguyen: Perinatal Psychiatry