Announcement of keynote speaker - Stan Grant

The University of Melbourne, Department of Rural Health are pleased to announce Stan Grant as the keynote speaker for the 6th Annual Ngar-wu Wanyarra Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Conference.

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Stan Grant is the Indigenous Affairs Editor for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a multi-award winning current affairs host, an author and an adventurer.

Well known for having brought the former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to tears when interviewed about Indigenous affairs on The Point, Stan’s keynotes are insightful, engaging, always professional and at times, controversial.

Stan is passionate about justice and humanity. His years of international reporting has given him a deep understanding of how the world works. He is deeply immersed in the politics and history of Asia and the Middle East. He can link the importance of leadership and the impact of history and above all believes in the power and resilience of people.

The 6th Annual Ngar-wu Wanyarra Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Conference will be held virtually on Wednesday 13th October, 2021. More details on how to register will be available on the website soon.

To read more about Stan and his history select the link below.

Find out more about Stan Grant here

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