Mother + Daughter = A stronger community

Dr Shiro Ekanayake's daughter Mandhree Ekanayake is following in her mothers footsteps, pursing a career in rural health.

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If your mother happens to be a GP in a rural area, then some of that passion must rub off on the next generation. For Mandhree Ekanayake, that is exactly what has happened as she is now in the Extended Rural Cohort of the Department of Rural Health in Shepparton.

Dr Shiro Ekanayake is a local GP at the Wyndham House Clinic and while it is one of the clinics where students attend a clinical placement, there will be no favouritism. Mandhree will attend other clinics while her mother mentors some of her classmates.

For Mandhree, there was no great dilemma in choosing the path to a rural location. She is from Shepparton and values the rich and fertile cultures that make up the fabric of this region.

“I love my diverse community and I welcome the chance to contribute to the health of this community. I welcome the opportunity to work in a rural environment with great professionals who will guide me on this journey. The training provides students like myself with one-on-one interaction in a variety of settings where we can learn important procedural skills in a safe space,” she says.

Mandhree believes healthcare should be equitable with no barriers and access for all.

“Good healthcare empowers a community and I want to be part of the process in this, my community of the Goulburn Valley," she says.

The family tradition for medicine is strong as another Ekanayake sibling, Mithma makes her mark in Adelaide. She is a final year medical student and both women credit their mother for inspiring them to be passionate about medicine and their communities.

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