Tips to help families cope during lockdown

The University of Melbourne, Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science Faculty, hosted an impressive panel of experts to discuss tips to help families cope during lockdown.

COVID-19 has forced many families to adapt to a new reality of remote learning, working from home, cancellation of social activities and more time spent with family members, which can raise the emotional temperature for everyone.

There is no doubt lockdowns are a stressful time for families, however there are also many things we can do to support our wellbeing during these times.

Watch the below webinar to pick up tips to cope during lockdowns.


Professor Jane Gunn – Dean of Medicine Dentistry & Health Sciences


Professor Sarath Ranganathan

Dr Michael Carr-Greig

Dr Anthea Rhodes

Professor Lena Sanci

Professor David Coghill

Zoe Daniel and Arkie Daniel

During the webinar the panelists also shared some resources that you may also find helpful depending on your circumstances:

  • Reachout - mental health service for young people and parents with apps and links to other sites
  • Butterfly and Eating Disorders Victoria - eating disorder support
  • 1800Respect - family violence support
  • The Brave Program - online program for the prevention and treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety
  • Moodgym - program designed to help identify emotions like anxiety and depression and learn skills to cope with them
  • Most - digital therapy mixed with face-to-face care
  • Headspace - early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year-olds
  • Beyond Blue - mental health information and support
  • Lifeline and Kidshelpline - 24/7 support

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