Research and Evaluation Services

The mission of The University of Melbourne Department of Rural Health, incorporating the University Department of Rural Health and Rural Clinical School, is to improve the health and well-being of rural and indigenous communities by providing leadership and excellence in collaborative, multi-disciplinary and culturally sensitive research and education. The Department of Rural Health is committed to rural health and the health needs of communities in the Ballarat and Goulburn Murray regions.

The Department of Rural Health collaborates with local communities in the following ways:

  • Health and health determinants research: examples of activities include documentation of illness rates, health issues, health determinants and advocacy for relevant local issues.
  • Health services research: development and evaluation of health services and other health programs for the benefit of communities.
  • Clinical research: design, implementation and monitoring of clinical studies and trials
  • Workforce: assistance in recruiting, promoting, supporting and developing the local health workforce.
  • Awards: fellowships or other support can be provided to local health workers for their contributions to relevant research and education activities in their local communities.
  • Consultancies: The Department of Rural Health provides a consultancy service, especially in the area of health services research and program evaluation. Department of Rural Health Academics have expertise in epidemiological, informatics, sociological, and behavioural research.

The Department of Rural Health has a strong commitment to promoting Indigenous health and supporting Indigenous communities and so offers assistance in developing and/or writing submissions for funding projects and programs which are undertaken as a partnership between the Department of Rural Health and any Indigenous community and/or organization.