2022 Nick Christopher PhD Scholarship awarded to Kelly Wu

Congratulations Kelly Wu!
Awardee of the 2022 Nick Christopher PhD Scholarship

Kelly Wu PhD Student Awardee: Kelly Wu, DoS PhD Student

This scholarship honours the legacy of Mr. Nick Christopher who was the Department of Medicine Manager from 2001-2008, and the Inaugural Parkville Cluster Manager in 2008 until his passing on the 15th November 2008. The scholarships, targeted to attract and support the best and brightest young students to undertake their PhD studies in our clinical departments and to encourage local community engagement in the departments at the Parkville Precinct, were one of his most passionate projects.

Two Nick Christopher scholarships were offered to the best ranked PhD students commencing their study in any of the Parkville Departments (Medicine (RMH), Surgery (RMH), Radiology, Psychiatry, Clinical Pathology, Critical Care); each scholarship was offered at $6000 per annum for three years to top up a competitive PhD scholarship (e.g. RTP-Stipend and Fee offset, MRS-INT, NHMRC).

The prize honours the incoming PhD student who was judged the most outstanding, based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic achievements
  2. Awards and Prizes
  3. Publications
  4. Community service/Professional degrees/Work in Health area - this refers to any service undertaken as "external activities, above and beyond" usual employment expectations.
  5. Level of Opportunity – this considers the level of opportunities available to the student in terms of gaining accomplishments e.g Honours students/fresh graduates compared to others who have had many years of professional/research experience.
  6. Support for Department  - this considers the extent and details of the student’s potential/existing support for the department they are enrolled in, e.g. participation in Departmental/campus activities, StORM committee/member involvement.  (note: mentoring/tutoring duties of employed students, will only be considered if these are not within the remit of "usual employment

Awardee: Kelly Wu, DoS PhD Student 
Supervisors:  Dr HongJian ZhuDr Rodney Luwor