Investigator Grant Panel Reviews for the Department of Surgery

This is to notify all researchers intending to submit an application for funding to either the Australian Research Council (ARC) or the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for DECRA and Investigator Grant categories (2019), that the Department has scheduled the internal panel reviews for these grant applications. This is applicable to all grants that will be submitted through the Department of Surgery, Melbourne Medical School, and are for both paid and honorary academic appointments.

The Grant Panels will be staffed by a minimum of three senior academic staff (from the Department) and a Biostatistician. We are holding these panels before Christmas to ensure that you have sufficient time to undertake any remedial editing if suggested by the panel, and also to facilitate biostatistical support to be engaged (if required).

Please note: Grants that have not participated in the Grant Panel Review Process will not receive ‘sign-off’ by the Head of Department (prior to submission to RIC).

This is the second year of our compulsory internal review processes, and have been established with the aim of advancing awareness of the standard required for grant submissions, with the overarching objective of enhancing the quality of the Department of Surgery grant applications. We have had to bring forward the date for these panels, as the date of submission to the NHMRC for investigator grants is 6 February 2019 (date for submission to RIC is generally 2 weeks prior to this date).

We have set up a booking system to minimise any inconvenience, and have scheduled two sessions to provide flexibility  to researchers (each appointment is 20 minutes in duration).

Please go to the following DoodlePoll website and submit a request for the appropriate date and time; your appointment time will be confirmed once all requests have been logged in the system. We urge you to address this matter at your earliest convenience to avoid disappointment in date/time availability. Also if you have not already done so, can you please log your Notice of Intent (NOI) with Research and Commercialisation (RIC)?

*Tuesday 27th November from 9 – 2pm. This will be located in the Alan Gilbert Building in Grattan Street in the small Conference Room on the 2nd Floor  (will be sign posted).

*Wednesday 28th November  from 1 – 5pm. This panel will be located in the Alan Gilbert Building in Grattan Street in the Audio Visual Room on the 2nd Floor (will be sign posted).

If you have any questions or if I can assist in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me directly, or 0466 533 453