Surgical Students Society of Melbourne SSSM

The Surgical Students Society of Melbourne SSSM Executive and Site Chair

The incoming 2018 Executive and Site Chairs of the Surgical Students’ Society of Melbourne. From left to right: Alon Micah (Vice President Internal), Andrew Griffith (Epworth Chair), David Newland (RMH Chair), Marnie Hall (Secretary), Basil Razi (Treasurer and St Vincent’s Chair), Sharon Lee (Education Officer), Nicola Fleming (Vice President External), Cassandra Poon (Western Chair), Yasmine Shah (Northern Chair), Benjamin Price (President). Absent: Jacqueline Nguyen (Diversity Officer and Rural Chair).

The Surgical Students’ Society of Melbourne (SSSM) is the peak surgical interest group at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Medical School. The SSSM is a not-for-profit organisation run by current Doctor of Medicine candidates that represents over 1,400 students across seven clinical school sites in metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria.

The mission of the society relates to three domains. These include:
Education – we aim to provide, and maximise access to, high quality surgical education to all students at the Melbourne Medical School, regardless of their clinical site
Research – the society aims to promote surgical research amongst medical students, to further surgical knowledge and understanding, and to instil an interest in research from the beginning of students’ medical careers
Advocacy – the society strives to advocate for both medical students at the University of Melbourne, by ensuring their surgical interest and educational needs are met, and the wider community on a national and global scale

Adhering to and fulfilling these domains will enable the society to work towards its vision of inspiring the next generation of world-class Australian surgeons.

Our achievements to date are numerous. A particular highlight however were our surgical skills workshops as part of the 2017 MDSC, which provided hands on surgical education to more than 720 delegates over the 3-day program. Such achievements would not have been possible without MIPS, our gold sponsor for 2017 and beyond. The society is however continuously aspiring to expand, and the incoming executive will strive to build on these successes. A key objective for 2018 committee is the implementation of our ‘Rotating clinical lecture series’, a weekly lecture program incorporating all surgical specialities and all Melbourne Medical School-affiliated hospitals. This will form the backbone of the SSSM annual curriculum, and is a previously unachieved goal by the society.

It is now my great pleasure to introduce the 2018 SSSM executive. Members are as follows:
President – Benjamin Price
Vice President Internal – Alon Micah
Vice President External – Nicola Fleming
Secretary – Marnie Hall
Treasurer – Basil Razi
Education Officer – Sharon Lee
Diversity Officer – Jacqueline Nguyen

The executive will work closely with the clinical site chairs to oversee the activities at each Melbourne Medical School-affiliated hospital. Site chairs for 2018 are as follows:
Royal Melbourne Hospital – David Newland
St Vincent’s Hospital – Basil Razi
Austin Hospital – Nicola Fleming
Epworth – Andrew Griffith
Western – Cassandra Poon
Northern – Yasmine Shah
Rural – Jacqueline Nguyen

Finally, on behalf of the SSSM executive and its members, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Department of Surgery at the University of Melbourne for their tremendous support thus far and ongoing, in assisting the SSSM in achieving its goals. I look forward to further developing our partnership, and am truly excited for 2018.

Benjamin Price
President, the Surgical Students’ Society of Melbourne