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The Surgical Students’ Society of Melbourne (SSSM) was founded in 2009 by medical students eager to share their passion for surgery. Over a decade on, SSSM has grown into the peak surgical interest group at the University of Melbourne, representing over 1,400 students across metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria. Our society continues to work tirelessly to provide our students with high-quality surgical education, as well as a platform to enable communication between students, surgeons and other experts in the field.

The missions of our society broadly relates to three domains:
Education – we aim to maximise access to quality surgical education for all Melbourne Medical School students, including a unique Rotating Lecture Series, practical workshops, mentoring programs and a podcast series.
Research – the society aims to promote research amongst medical students in order to foster a passion for surgical academia from the very start of their medical journey.
Advocacy – the society strives to represent and advocate for all of our students, to ensure that their surgical interests, skills and education are wholly fulfilled.

SSSM continually strives to achieve these missions in order to fulfil our vision of inspiring the next generation of world-class surgeons.

Looking back over the years, I am humbled by the achievements and milestones that were attained by our SSSM predecessors. Some of the highlights over the years include:

  • The Surgical Careers Night, which brings together surgeons from all different surgical specialties to inspire, inform and guide our students into their future surgical specialities.
  • Our Women in Surgery night, which provides a platform for female students, trainees and seniors at all stages of surgical training to come together and empower one another.
  • An annual surgical poster competition, where students research themes such as anatomy or technology in surgery and present their findings in a research-style poster.
  • Surgical workshops at all seven clinical sites around Melbourne and regional/rural Victoria including: suturing, plastering, laparoscopy, chest drain insertion and trauma management.
  • The Rotating Lecture Series, a monthly lecture given by a renowned surgeon covering an area of surgery that is exciting and quite literally cutting-edge.
  • Our podcast series, The Time Out, where we interview surgeons along various stages in their careers to get an insight into their day-to-day lives and journey towards surgery.
  • A mentoring program, which pairs surgically-inclined students with surgeons, to help further inspire their passion for surgery.
  • The SSSM Charity Calendar, which sells out every year at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, with all proceeds going towards enabling surgeons to provide surgical aid and education overseas
  • SSSM’s involvement in national and international conferences such as MD Student Conference, Global Health Conference and the International Surgical Students Conference, holding surgical workshops and educational events.

It is my great pleasure to introduce the 2022 SSSM Executive Committee who work behind the scenes to make this all possible!

President/Rural Site Chair – Jasraaj Singh 
Vice President Internal/Northern Hospital Chair – Minu Alwis
Vice President External/Royal Melbourne Hospital Site Chair – Sanlin Fisher
Secretary/Epworth Site Chair – Samuel Morriss
Treasurer/St Vincent's Site Chair – Evelyn He
Education Officer/Austin Site Chair – Jenny Lee
Diversity Officer/Western Site Chair – Saad Alkasaab
Department of Surgery Liaison Officer – Nicholas Sclavos
Publications & Promotions Officer – Kimia Pourhossein & Aidan Jackson
MD1 Representatives - Andrew Xu & Xavier Morgan Schlicht

…And many more sub-committee members who are the back-bone of our society!

None of this would be possible without the support of our amazing sponsors such as the Department of Surgery at The University of Melbourne, MIPS, AMBOSS and Dr. Woof Apparel. To the Department of Surgery, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support over the past few years. Your guidance has been a vital part of SSSM’s ever-growing success and has helped us continue nurturing surgical interest at the Melbourne Medical School.

Jasraaj Singh
President, Surgical Students’ Society of Melbourne

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