Rural Clinical School - Bendigo

Rural Clinical School - Bendigo students attend tutorials and other teaching sessions at the Monash University Bendigo Regional Clinical School which is located on site at Bendigo Health.

Rural Clinical School- Bendigo students attend tutorials and other teaching sessions at the Monash University Bendigo Regional Clinical School which is located on site at Bendigo Health.

Bendigo Health is a 678 bed service that treats over 34,000 in-patients, deals with over 42,000 emergency attendances and where 1,100 babies are born each year. These services are complemented by a 60-bed rehabilitation unit, eight bed critical care unit and five operating theatres where around 10,000 surgical procedures are performed annually. Bendigo Health provides services in emergency, maternity, women's health, medical imaging, pathology, rehabilitation, community services, residential aged care, psychiatric care, community dental, hospice, palliative care, cardiology, cancer services and renal dialysis to the people of the Loddon Mallee region.

Students are integrated into the Monash University Regional Clinical School and study alongside Monash University students. Students receive a combination of Monash and Melbourne University tutorials that fully covers the Melbourne curriculum. Timetabling is done on site by Monash University in conjunction with the Melbourne University Sub-Dean and professional staff.

Students benefit from regular tutorials from visiting specialists from Melbourne and one on one bedside teaching. Students have access to the Clinical Skills Laboratory and high fidelity simulation equipment at the clinical school. Although not an exclusive Melbourne University site, students placed at Bendigo have the full support of the Rural Clinical School and an onsite Melbourne University Sub Dean.

Fast Facts

  • Bendigo Health has over 678 beds
  • Emergency Department sees over 42,000 patients annually
  • Bendigo Health clinical streams include Acute Care, Women's Health, Community Care, Aged Care, Mental Health, Rehabilitation, Oncology
  • 2 hours from Melbourne
  • Students have access to the Clinical Skills Lab at the Bendigo Regional Clinical School  and its high fidelity simulation equipment
  • Access to the Bendigo Health Library located at the Bendigo Regional Clinical School
  • Wireless internet connection throughout the accommodation and clinical school
  • A cafe is located in the Bendigo Regional Clinical School along with a student common room


  • Where is the Rural Clinical School- Bendigo located and how do I get there?

    Regular VLine train services taking just over 2 hours are an easy way to get back home for weekends or for family and friends to come and visit. By car it takes under 2 hours to get to Bendigo.

    The 'Golden Heart of Victoria', Bendigo is a beautiful old city located in the geographic centre of the state. Its character and streetscape were created during the gold boom years of the 1850's to 1870's, when the local goldfield became one of the worlds richest. Today, Bendigo is one of Victoria's must-see destinations. Attractions include Australia's oldest working pottery, Bendigo Pottery, dating from 1858, the Central Deborah Goldmine and the Golden Dragon Museum, which celebrates the region's Chinese heritage. Nearby towns such as Heathcote offer artisan food, wine and art. The Bendigo Art Gallery hosts significant international exhibitions alongside national touring exhibitions, curated exhibitions and solo exhibitions by contemporary Australian artists.

    RCS students placed at Bendigo attend tutorials and other teaching sessions at the Monash University Bendigo Regional Clinical School which is located on site at Bendigo Health. Students in Bendigo live in Monash University accommodation with Year 3, 4 and 5 Monash University medical students. This allows for inter-university relations to develop and cohesion of clinical groups in the hospital.

  • What can I expect to be doing day-to-day?

    Every day can be different, depending on the term the students are undertaking. Students rotate through wards, theatres and specialist and general practice clinics. Students spend time on the various wards and are integrated into the team working with consultants, registrars and interns. Students also attend tutorials, lectures, seminars, grand rounds and clinical skills sessions.

  • Are students allocated to the Rural Clinical School- Bendigo only taught the Monash University curriculum?

    Year 2 MD Rural Clinical School students allocated to Bendigo are integrated into Monash Year 3 groups and Semester 12 Rural Clinical School students are integrated into Monash Year 5 groups. The curriculum delivered is a combination of both Monash University and the Melbourne Medical School. Student feedback has indicated that the extra teaching is highly beneficial. All RCS students are fully prepared to complete all Melbourne University assessments including Mini CEXs and Long Case requirements and end of year examinations.

  • Do students placed at Rural Clinical School- Bendigo have access to Melbourne University support?

    Students allocated to Bendigo have the full support of both Monash and Melbourne academics and professional staff. Students have access to a Melbourne University Sub-Dean on campus and professional staff in Shepparton. Help is only a phone call or email away. As a Rural Clinical School (RCS) student you are included in all RCS activities and events regardless of the site you are allocated to.

The teaching really is sensational here.  Many of the senior doctors take an interest in our learning and they lead bedside tutorials which my friends in the city don't get at all. I have not yet been turned away by a patient who doesn't want to talk to me because they have seen too many students; they are always hoping that we will learn something from them and are happy to help us here. The hospital is close to accommodation and there is minimal travel time, which leaves more time for doing everything else. Second Year MD Student, 2012