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2019 Brochure

Graduate Courses in Clinical Ultrasound

These three award courses are offered to medical professionals who wish to obtain further expertise in medical ultrasound for clinical practice. All graduate courses are delivered online and require no contact hours. Course materials can be downloaded to iPad, Android or Windows tablets or can be accessed online using a web browser.

Simulator Courses
Focused Ultrasound Simulator Education (FUSE) and Focused Cardiac Ultrasound (FCU)

Clinical training and education are vital elements for any hospital’s growth, however getting quality programs implemented is often a slow process. Our Focused Ultrasound Simulator Education (FUSE) and Focused Cardiac Ultrasound (FCU) courses have been developed to be easily integrated into any hospital structure.

Hands on Workshops
iHeartScan (Haemodynamic Echocardiography Assessment in Real Time)

The iHeartScan workshop series is designed for Anaesthetists, Intensive Care and Emergency Department Physicians and Surgeons who wish to learn how to use Point of Care (POC) transthoracic ultrasound guidance techniques

Continuing Professional Development
Short Courses

Continuing Professional development for medical practitioners includes a range of activities to meet individual learning that is relevant to their scope of practice, in order to maintain, develop, update and enhance knowledge, skills and performance to ensure that they deliver appropriate and safe care

Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences

The Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences teaches a broad range of veterinary, agricultural, food and biomedical sciences. We strive to be the pre-eminent veterinary and agricultural science Faculty in the Asia-Pacific region and the regional school of choice for veterinary and agricultural science students.