Atherothrombosis and Vascular Biology Group

Research Overview

Our group pursues a broad range of projects that have the common focus of improving diagnosis and therapy of thrombotic and inflammatory diseases such as myocardial infarction and atherosclerosis. A range of biotechnological methods are used, including recombinant protein design/production, generation of functionalised nanoparticles/lipsomes/microbubbles, cell culture, flow cytometry, flow chamber, microfluidics, intravital microscopy, ultrasound, MRI, PET, various fluorescence imaging systems and various animal models of thrombosis, atherosclerosis and inflammation.
Most recently, we have extended our research based on the successful application of our biotechnological tools for the targeting of activated platelets towards diagnosis and therapy of autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, and cancer.
All of these projects have a strong translational orientation, which is facilitated by several laboratory members (physicians/cardiologists/haematologists) treating patients with cardiovascular and haematological diseases as well as cancer. Several of the research projects resulted in patents that are currently being further translated to ultimately improve the health of patients.

Work in the laboratory is particularly attractive for students and postdoctoral researchers who are interested in the development of advanced biotechnological tools for molecular imaging and novel therapeutics (e.g. nanoparticles and anti-inflammatory drugs for plaque stabilisation). The translational direction of the laboratory and the inclusion of patients in studies is highly attractive for physician scientists.

Research focus

  • Molecular imaging of thrombosis and inflammation using MRI, PET, ultrasound, FLECT, IVIS.
  • Novel recombinant therapeutics for thrombotic and inflammatory diseases.
  • Microfluidic flow chambers.
  • Intravital microscopy.
  • Flow cytometry.
  • Animal models of thrombosis and inflammation.
  • Production of recombinant proteins for diagnosis and therapy.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of patients with coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction


Professor Karlheinz Peter & Dr Xiaowei Wang, Lab Heads
Dr Laura Bienvenu, Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Yung-Chih (Ben) Chen, Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr James McFadyen, Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Jonathan Noonan, Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Ilvana Ziko, Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Smriti Krishna, Postdoctoral Researcher
Ms Viktoria Rose Bongcaron, Research Assistant
Ms Prerna Sharma, Research Assistant
Ms Angela Huang, Research Assistant
Dr Himawan Fernando, PhD student
Dr Hannah Stevens, PhD student
Ms Najma Fithri, PhD student
Ms Julia Loseff-Silver, PhD student


Dr Sara Baratchi, Lab Head, RMIT
Prof Alex Bobik, Lab Head, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
Prof Harshal Nandurkar, Head of Haemtology, Alfred Hospital and Head of the Australian Centre of Blood Diseases
Prof Michael Parker, Lab Head and Director, Bio21
Prof Steffen Eisenhardt, Deputy Director and Lab Head, Plastic Surgery, University of Freiburg, Germany
Prof Elliot Chaikof, Surgeon-in-Chief, Chairman of Surgery, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
Prof Mark Hulett, Head of the Department of Biochemisty and Genetics, La Trobe University
Dr Jacquie Orian, Lab Head, La Trobe University
Prof Philipp Diehl, Lab Head and Cardiology Consultant, University of Freiburg, Germany
Prof Constantin von zur Muehlen, Deputy Director, Department of Cardiology, University of Freiburg, Germany
A/Prof Dennis Wolf, Lab Head and Cardiology Consultant, University of Freiburg, Germany
Dr Nghia Truong, Researcher, Monash Institute of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Prof Andreas Zirlik, Director of Cardiology, University of Graz, Germany


National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
National Heart Foundation
Philantropic and commercial funding

Research Outcomes


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Research Publications

Wolf D, Michel NA, Blankenbach H, Wiedemann A, Buscher K, Hohmann JD, Lim B, Bäuml M, Marki A, Mauler M, Duerschmied D, Fan Z, Winkels H, Sidler D, Diehl P, Zajonc D, Hilgendorf, Stachon P, Marchini T, Willecke F, Schell M, Sommer B, von zur Muhlen C, Reinöhl J, Gerhardt T, Plow EF, Yakubenko V, Libby P, Bode C, Ley K, Peter K*, Andreas Zirlik.* A ligand-specific blockade of the integrin Mac-1 selectivity targets pathologic inflammation while maintaining protective host-defense. Nature Communications 2018; 9: 525. *equally contributing senior authors.

Baratchi S, Zaldivia MTK, Wallert M, Loseff-Silver J, Al-Aryahi S, Zamani J, Thurgood P, Htun NM, Stu D, Duffy SJ, Walton A, Nguyen H, Jaworowski A, Khoshmanesh K, Peter K. TAVI represents an anti-inflammatory therapy via reduction of shear-stress induced, Piezo-1-mediated monocyte activation. Circulation 2020 [In press].

McFadyen JD, Stevens H, Peter K. The Emerging Threat of (Micro)Thrombosis in COVID-19 and Its Therapeutic Implications. Circulation Research 2020 [In press].

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