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Volatile Anaesthesia and Perioperative Outcomes Related to Cancer (VAPOR-C Trial)

VAPOR-C is a large, international, randomised clinical trial of inhalational volatile or intravenous propofol anaesthesia and intravenous lidocaine/placebo to improve disease free survival after surgery for colorectal cancer and lung cancer.

VAPOR-C is a comparative effectiveness trial, comparing approaches to perioperative care that are all in widespread clinical use nationally and internationally. Funding has been provided by the NHMRC: $4.8m over 5 years, with additional support provided by the VCCC.

Our preliminary research suggests that when compared with traditional inhalational anaesthesia the more recent alternative of Total Intravenous Anaesthesia using propofol (propofol-TIVA) may be associated with an improvement in both disease-free survival and overall survival. As metastatic disease is the leading cause of death after cancer surgery, this study will have worldwide significance.

Professor Bernhard Riedel and co-investigators from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, The University of Melbourne, St Vincent’s Hospital, Cleveland Clinic and University College Dublin represent the depth and breadth of expertise in clinical trials, anaesthesia, surgery, critical care, biostatistics and health economics.


Professor Bernhard Riedel (Oncoanaesthesia, PeterMac)
Professor David Story (Anaesthesia and Critical Care)
Professor Sandy Heriot (Surgery, PeterMac)
A/Professor Gavin Wright (Surgery, St Vincent’s)
Miss Sabine Braat (Biostatistics, MCATS)
Professor Daniel Sessler (Cleveland Clinic) 
Professor Donal Buggy (University College Dublin) 
Dr An Tran-Duy (Health Economics, MCATS)
Dr Jonathan Hiller (Oncoanaesthesia, PeterMac)

Sam McKeown (Trial Manager)


PeterMacCallum Cancer Centre
Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC)
Melbourne Clinical and Translational Sciences Platform (MCATS) 
St Vincent's Hospital 
Cleveland Clinic
University College Dublin


NHMRC Project Grant $4.8m (2019-2024)
with support from the VCCC

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Anaesthesia, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

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Critical Care

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Critical Care

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