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    Raymond Hu

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General vs. Regional Anaesthesia on arteriovenous Fistula patency (GiRAF): a randomised controlled pilot and feasibility trial

More than 2500 Australians require chronic haemodialysis for their kidney failure annually. Native arteriovenous fistula is currently the preferred surgical procedure for haemodialysis. However, many types of anaesthetic techniques can facilitate this procedure, each with differing effects on the patient's long term outcomes.

Prior studies have shown the benefits of brachial plexus block anaesthetic technique on increasing arteriovenous fistula success when compared to local anaesthetic.

Therefore, current general strategies employed for this surgery are brachial plexus block and general anaesthetic. However, there is no current randomised control trials comparing the benefits of brachial plexus block to general anaesthetic. This is what the GiRAF study aims to address.

  • Establish a pilot study to test the feasibility of recruiting sufficient patients to participate in the randomised control trial, with possibility for future large scale expansion
  • Provide evidence from the randomised control trial comparing branchial plexus block to general anaesthetic on 12-week arteriovenous fistula patency
  • Establish feasibility for collecting multiple definitions for fistula success (patency)

The outcome of this study will help establish the best practice procedure and improve outcomes for chronic kidney disease patients undergoing haemodialysis requiring fistula formation.


Chief Investigators

Dr Raymond Hu

Professor Philip Peyton

Dr Andrea Viecelli

Associate Professor Peter Mount

Associate Professor Jason Chuen

Associate Investigators

Dr Soon Teoh - Site Principle Investigator

Dr Andrew Marriott - Site Principle Investigator

Dr Basel El-Behesy - Site Principle Investigator

Ms Sofia Sidiropoulos - Research Manager

Ms Anurika De Silva - Statistical Analyst


Darcy Price ANZCA Regional Research Award

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Anaesthesia, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

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Critical Care

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Critical Care

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