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We create technologies that are key to the success of many data driven research projects. Future Health Today, HARMONY and Strengthening Care for Children are prime examples.

In creating and delivering the Future Health Today platform, our team worked closely with project leads to create software and other innovative technological tools to streamline research processes and quality improvement activities in the primary care setting. The Future Health Today platform is for optimising chronic disease management. It integrates into general practice to deliver a Dashboard, Point of Care support tools for GPs, identification tools for patient recall, resources and guidelines, and practice quality improvement management features. After successful initial piloting this software is being rolled out in an additional 80 sites for further testing.

We are working with researchers across Australia who are seeking to have created additional disease identification and management modules for the Future Health Today platform.



University of Melbourne in collaboration with Western Health


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Health Data Science for Medical Research

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General Practice and Primary Care

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