Trans Health Research

Research Overview

Trans Health Research conducts research with one goal: to provide robust evidence to improve the health and wellbeing of the trans and gender-diverse (TGD) community. Every question we ask, every project that we do, every collaboration that we start, is aligned with our goal and must translate to better health and advocating for our community. Our research covers three main themes; health care delivery, gender affirming hormone therapy and mental health and wellbeing. Findings guide health and wellbeing programs, treatment guidelines, and health policy, to enable trans people to live a life without barriers and discrimination.

We are nurses, endocrinologists, and TGD researchers with community experience. While gender research is our core focus, as a leading trans health research group in Australia and authors of national gender-affirming hormone therapy guidelines, we are also advocates and passionate speakers, and share gender education with health professionals nationwide.

Our research findings have been translated into policy, and have contributed to government investment in two new multidisciplinary gender clinics in Victoria, and a state-wide training program for health professionals in trans health. However, there is much more work to do, and we invite you to join us in shaping the future for health equity and a life without barriers for the TGD community. Want to know more about being TGD or would like to get involved? Visit our website for a range of resources and information.


  • A/Prof Ada Cheung (she/her), Principal Research Fellow
  • Dr Sav Zwickl (they/them), Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Dr Ingrid Bretherton (she/her), Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Dr Brendan Nolan (he/him), Clinician Scientist, PhD Student
  • Dr Lachlan Angus (he/him), Clinician Scientist, PhD Sttudent
  • Ms Kylie King (she/her), Research Nurse
  • Dr Alex Wong (he/him), Research Assistant
  • Ms Ariel Ginger (she/her), Research Assistant
  • Mx Leo Rhodanthe (they/them), Research Assistant
  • Dr Clare Headland (she/her), Speaker and Educator


We are proud to work in close partnership with TGD community groups and TGD-focussed health services throughout Australia.


  • NHMRC Investigator Grant Research Support Package
  • Dame Kate Campbell Fellowship, The University of Melbourne
  • Strategic Grants for Outstanding Women, The University of Melbourne
  • Royal Australasian College of Physicians Research Establishment Fellowship
  • Endocrine Society of Australia Research Seed Grant
  • Austin Medical Research Foundation Grant
  • Viertel Charitable Foundation Clinical Investigator Award

Research Publications

  • Nolan BJ, Frydman AS, Leemaqz SY, Carroll M, Grossmann M, Zajac JD, Cheung AS. Effects of low-dose oral micronised progesterone on sleep, psychological distress, and breast development in transgender individuals undergoing feminising hormone therapy: a prospective controlled study. Endocr Connect. 2022;11(5):e220170
  • Jones P, Voisin S, Nolan BJ, Landen S, Jacques M, Newell B, Zwickl S, Cook T, Wong A, Ginger A, Palmer A, Garnham A, Alvarez-Romero J, Mohandas N, Seale K, Cheung AS & Eynon N. (co-senior author). Uncovering the effects of gender affirming hormone therapy on skeletal muscle and epigenetics: protocol for a prospective matched cohort study in transgender individuals (The GAME Study). BMJ Open 2022 Apr
  • Nolan BJ, Zwickl S, Wong AFQ, Locke P, Simpson S, Li L, Zajac JD, Cheung AS. Testosterone concentrations and prescription patterns of 1% testosterone gel in transgender and gender diverse individuals. Ther Adv Endocrinol Metab 2022 Feb.
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  • Bretherton I, Ghasem-Zadeh A, Leemaqz S, Seeman E, Wang X, McFarlane T, Spanos C, Grossmann M, Zajac JD, Cheung AS. Bone microarchitecture in transgender adults: a cross-sectional study. J Bone Miner Res 2022 Jan.
  • Solanki P, Colon Cabrera D, Barton C, Locke P, Cheung AS, Grace J, Erasmus J, Lane R. Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy for the Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-Binary community: coordinating WPATH and Informed Consent models of care. Transgend Health 2022 Feb
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  • Nolan BJ, Brownhill A, Bretherton I, Wong P, Fox S, Locke P, Russell N, Grossmann M, Zajac JD, Cheung AS. Relationships between body mass index with oral estradiol dose and serum estradiol concentration in transgender adults undergoing feminising hormone therapy. Ther Adv Endocrinol Metab 2020;11:1-7.
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