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The Centre for Health Analytics – Unleashing the power of data to improve child health.

The first Centre of its kind in Australia, we’re a hive of potential and ideas, realising the shared vision of our campus partners. As discoverers, we use data to advance and humanise all perspectives of paediatric patient care. From redesigning industry operations to applying collected information to reshape how we structure and deliver education and research. Growing every day into a global-leading paediatric campus, we interpret data into meaning to change and ease difficult moments in children’s lives.

Health analytics or health informatics: whatever floats your boat. Either way, it’s the digital meeting place of health care, information technology and science. Yes, we use computers to analyse the data, but we’re all about information. With a grand goal, health analytics seeks to strengthen all corners of paediatric patient care to make a big difference in little lives. Imagine what we can do using the right data, at the right time, presented in the right way.  

Once we have the data, we can put it in front of clinicians, patients, researchers, managers, and other decision-makers. When current, relevant information informs action, health analytics can revolutionise how we prevent, treat and cure conditions. It also gives us tools to influence policymakers and guide public health management at a government level. From allergies to rare congenital and life-threatening illnesses – knowledge is power. We want to use that power to affect real change.


We’re a talented bunch with a broad spectrum of skills. From admin to operations and research to the pointy end of science and technology, our all-rounder collection of professionals bring unique experience and expertise. We love what we do, and we do it with consistency and commitment to the evolution of paediatric patient care. Find the right person to talk to, and let’s chat.

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The Melbourne Children’s Campus

This purpose-built, award-winning campus in the heart of Melbourne provides one home to three organisations: The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and the University of Melbourne, Department of Paediatrics. That’s a lot of brainpower under one roof, ready to transform the landscape and experience of paediatric patient care.


The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Foundation kindly supports The Centre for Health Analytics. In August 2020, the RCH Foundation funded the Centre for three years, with in-principle support for a further two. This backing enables the Centre to establish and grow the Melbourne Children’s into a global-leading paediatric campus using data to change and ease difficult moments in children’s lives.

Research Publications

“A new Centre for Health Analytics”

“The Melbourne Children’s Campus Centre for Health Analytics was recently featured in issue 19 of Research Australia’s INSPIRE magazine.  The article cited that the Centre is set to become an internationally leading paediatric campus in the use of data to improve all aspects of patient care, operations, education and research is being established in Melbourne.”

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