Associate Professor Fred Hollande
Professor Frédéric Hollande

Interim Head of Department

Department of Clinical Pathology

The Department of Clinical Pathology focuses on graduate learning, teaching, research and engagement in the clinical discipline of pathology. It collaborates broadly with other Departments, Centres, Schools and Faculties of the University of Melbourne, health services and medical research institutes to improve in cancer research , and in turn, improve the lives of patients. Initial programs of research will focus on the molecular defects of tumours and the application this knowledge to better prognoses and treatment of patients with cancer.  The Department of Clinical Pathology also provides specialist laboratories for cancer cell biology, DNA bio-banking, rapid large scale, next generation sequencing and organoid generation and testing.

While the initial research focus of the Melbourne Medical School (MMS) Department of Clinical Pathology is cancer research it also has more general opportunities for graduate learning, teaching and engagement across the broader areas of clinical pathology.  The Department of Clinical Pathology teaches into the Melbourne Medical School’s flagship course, the Doctor of Medicine and has thriving Honours, Masters and PhD student cohorts.