Honorary appointments



We welcome applications from individuals who make a significant, sustained contribution to the Department of Critical Care in at least two of the three following areas: Learning and Teaching; Research; Leadership.

Applications for honorary appointments to the Department of Critical Care (DoCC) within the Melbourne Medical School (MMS) at The University of Melbourne, are invited from critical care clinicians who fulfil the University’s criteria specified in the Honorary Appointments and University Visitor’s Procedure (MPF1156).

Why seek an honorary appointment with DoCC?

Our honorary staff play a critical role in the life of the Department of Critical Care and the Melbourne Medical School. They substantially assist us in working with the communities we serve, to improve health and advance health care through teaching, learning, research, clinical care and advocacy. DoCC intends that our relationship with our honorary staff is one of mutual benefit in which DoCC benefits from the knowledge, skills and influence of the honorary staff member while the honorary staff member benefits from the opportunities, resources and reputation of DoCC, the MMS and The University of Melbourne.

Some examples of University services include: access to internal and external funding opportunities; a wide range of educational opportunities for you and your staff; opportunities for collaboration and broadening your campus experience; library, financial, human resources and IT support.

Current honorary appointees

Levels A (Tutor) to D (Associate Professor)

For applications at Levels A to D, contact Monique Wiessner, Department Administrator, to obtain current templates. You are then required to send your draft application to Monique, comprising:

  • a letter of recommendation from your hospital department Director, addressed to Professor David Story (Levels A-C) or Professor Nicola Lautenschlager (Level D), detailing how you will contribute to at least two of the three following areas: learning and teaching; research; clinical leadership and service.
  • your current CV, including publications, citizenship status, home email, home address and date of birth.

Forms and review process (A to D)

General information can be found on the Faculty website.

Applications are reviewed three times per year, by a panel including a representative from each of the three key critical care specialties: anaesthesia; emergency medicine; and intensive care medicine.

Please submit a draft application at your earliest convenience, to enable timely review and incorporation of any edits prior to submitting your final application.

Final application due dates: 1st March, 1st July and 1st November.

Level E (Professor)

Applications at Level E need to be discussed with Professor David Story, Head of Department, in the first instance. We will then advise you regarding the types of documents to prepare for submission and of the University timelines.

General queries

If you are unsure about your suitability, level or have other queries, you can contact Monique Wiessner, Department Administrator, to discuss your application monique.wiessner@unimelb.edu.au