Project Outputs

  1. Clinical insights into appropriate choice of antimicrobials for acute respiratory tract infections
  2. Costing of an Australian general practice COVID-19 drive-through testing and respiratory clinic
  3. A 2019/2020 Chlamydia study in Victoria, Australia; comparing testing, diagnosis, treatment, retesting and positivity rates at retesting in urban and regional areas of general practice in Victoria and the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 testing, diagnosis and treatment rates
  4. Assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on chlamydia care cascade in Victorian general practice
  5. Changes in primary care visits arising from the COVID-19 pandemic: an international comparative study by the International Consortium of Primary Care Big Data Researchers (INTRePID)
    (Note, data are not shared between countries. Researchers in each of 8 countries are analysing their own primary care dataset. Aggregated results will be brought together in the final paper) - PAT043
  6. Use of electronic medical records to monitor the safe and effective prescribing of medicinal cannabis: is it feasible? - PAT033
  7. A summary report detailing findings of chlamydia testing, positivity, retesting and reinfection rates for the three pilot clinics is publicly available on the study website - PAT044
  8. Exploring the appropriateness of antibiotic prescribing for dental presentations in Australian general practice—A pilot study - PAT014
  9. Process mining-driven analysis of COVID-19's impact on vaccination patterns - PAT024
  10. Evaluation of automated deidentification of general practice free text health records - PAT028
  11. Patient delivered partner therapy for chlamydia infection is used by some general practitioners, but more support is needed to increase uptake: findings from a mixed-methods study - PAT044
  12. Patient-delivered partner therapy: One option for management of sexual partner(s) of a patient diagnosed with a chlamydia infection - PAT044
  13. Process mining-driven analysis of COVID-19’s impact on vaccination patterns - PAT024