The Translational Clinical Medicine Foundation topic will allow students to explore translational medicine - and learn how research translates into patient care and patient care can drive research discoveries.  Students will learn from clinical cases representing diverse specialties that illustrate research methods, frameworks and techniques and how to communicate these, so linking daily clinical practice to its scientific basis.  This topic would especially suit students who are interested in specialty practice and research and in particular, those who may consider completing a higher research degree including a PhD. The topic is strengthened by attachments across healthcare sites within the University of Melbourne domains for practical experience of aspects of Translational Medicine.

Please note minimum quotas apply to this topic

Intended learning outcomes

  • Describe and compare some approaches by which discoveries are translated into treatments or health interventions
  • Compare research methods used for stages of translational medical development
  • Summarise frameworks for implementation of a translational medical discovery into clinical practice
  • Identify examples of clinical medicine that have implemented translational research findings
  • Demonstrate effective writing and/or oral presentation skills in communicating translational clinical research topics