Melbourne University Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (MUOGS)

Melbourne University Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (MUOGS)

The Melbourne University Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (MUOGS) was founded in 2019 by medical students passionate about Women’s Health who wanted to provide a platform for students to engage in more O&G content outside the core curriculum.


The aims of MUOGS is:

  • To enhance the academic and professional opportunities for students interested in obstetrics and/or gynaecology;
  • To provide academic support to fellow students and thus foster communication of research ideas and collaboration;
  • To promote interaction, welfare, and cohesion between students interested in obstetrics and/or gynaecology;
  • To support the academic endeavours of students and to act as a representative group of graduates within the department.

Over the last two years, MUOGS has consistently held numerous highly received events and workshops. They’ve held workshops on managing common O&G topics including fibroids and bleeding and infection in pregnancy, as well as practical workshops such as preparing third-year students for their O&G rotations.

Additionally, MUOGS holds an annual O&G Careers Night – in the past two Careers Night they have invited inspiring speakers from various stages of their O&G training to talk about their professional journeys; this includes Dr. Vijay Roach, Dr. Amber Moore, Dr. Tom Cade, and Dr. Jo Vivian-Taylor.

In 2021, MUOGS held a workshop at  The University of Melbourne MD Student Conference (MDSC) where they packed and sent birthing kits to women in under-resourced areas to access clean and safe birthing environments as part of the Birthing Kits Australia Initative. They have also hosted a well-received “O&G Emergencies” workshop two years in a row where students navigate complex cases in small groups.

MUOGS' Education Team works hard to provide helpful resources to supplement the core curriculum. This includes easy-to-digest infographics and an OSCE guidebook to help students prepare for the end-of-year exams. They also have a podcast, MUOGS, at your cervix, where they invite experts on the show to discuss interesting and exciting topics in O&G!  Past guests include Dr. Raelia Lew (fertility specialist), Prof. Sue Walker (maternal-fetal medicine specialist), and Dr. Lionel Steinberg (consultant obstetrician with an interest in VBAC deliveries).

It is our great pleasure to introduce the 2021 MUOGS Committee who have dedicated their time and incredible skill sets to make this society possible.

  • President: Karina Tu
  • Vice President: Joscelyn Gan
  • Secretary: Ashleigh Cunial
  • Treasurer: Alex Mitchell
  • Education Officer: Anastasia Vakkas
  • Event’s Lead: Sharon Sun
  • Social Media/Promotions Officer: Noa Kolkovski
  • Events Subcommittee: John Luong, Preeya Gunness, Jane Song, Celine Pang
  • Education Subcommittee: Nicole Milanko, Tracy Sun, Anushka Sharma, Chloe Jamieson-Grigg

You can reach out to the Melbourne University Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (MUOGS)Committee via email.

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