Phoenix Australia Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health

The Centre

Phoenix Australia Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to reducing the impact of trauma by building the capability of individuals, organisations and the community to understand, prevent and recover from the adverse mental health effects of trauma.

Phoenix Australia is governed by a Board of Management which includes the Director of Phoenix Australia and brings together independent members, representatives of key partners: the Commonwealth Government's Departments of Veterans' Affairs and Defence and the Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne.

The team at Phoenix is multi-disciplinary. Staff members are experts in their respective fields, and many are internationally recognised for their work in posttraumatic mental health. Phoenix's work in posttraumatic mental health is organised into three distinct areas: research; policy and service development; and education and training. This breadth of work enables Phoenix to actively integrate learnings from all of these activities, translating knowledge into practice and implementation, and offering clients end-to-end service. Phoenix's expertise ensures that clients and the community benefit from the most up-to-date knowledge of posttraumatic mental health.

World-class research

Our program of research and evaluation aims to advance the knowledge of trauma and posttraumatic mental health. Our leadership in translating research into education and training initiatives and policy and service development advice promotes the best possible outcomes for people affected by trauma.

Policy and service development

Our work with organisations that have responsibility for people affected by trauma aims to ensure that proven interventions in posttraumatic mental health are promoted through their policies and practice.

Education and training

We research, develop and deliver education and training programs on mental health and posttraumatic mental health.

Events and resources

We develop and disseminate information about mental health and posttraumatic mental health through publications, resources, articles, conferences, forums, symposia and informed media commentary

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Professor David Forbes

Professor David Forbes, Director

Professor David Forbes completed his clinical training (MA Clinical Psychology) and PhD at the University of Melbourne. He joined Phoenix Australia in 1999. He is a clinical psychologist with many years of experience in the assessment and treatment of mental health problems following trauma. Professor Forbes was the Co-Chair of the Steering Group for the NHMRC approved Australian Guidelines for the Treatment of Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and he sits on the editorial boards of key international journals and publishes widely in the international literature. Professor Forbes has a specialised interest in the assessment and treatment of traumatic stress and in veteran and military mental health.

Our unique expertise is an integrated, three-pronged approach to promoting recovery from the mental health effects of trauma: world-class research, tailored policy and service development advice, and training in best practice support and interventions Professor David Forbes, Director, Phoenix Australia Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health