Welcome from the Department Head

Professor Christopher Davey, Head of Department of Psychiatry

The Department consists of major Clinical and Research Centres and Units throughout Melbourne, extending into a variety of valuable partnerships in the areas of neuroscience, clinical translation and prevention. The Department is part of the Melbourne Medical School within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne.


The Department of Psychiatry is committed to the excellence, innovation and leadership in research, teaching and clinical translation across the spectrum of mental illness.  We aim to be recognised nationally and internationally for making research informed real-world changes to the lives of people affected by mental illness.

The Mission

The Department of Psychiatry has unique strengths and expertise in mental health neuroscience, biological and translational psychiatry, personalised psychiatry and prevention, and shows demonstrable clinical expertise in major clinical populations affected by mental illness. In a cross-disciplinary approach we integrate pure and applied disciplines to improve the lives of people with psychiatric conditions. Our interests span from young to old age groups, from early intervention to severe mental illness to mental health policy and advocacy. Our strategy is characterised by promoting excellence and research diversity, building cross-disciplinary partnerships and leading research networks and achieving common goals for the advancement of the broader Discipline. We work in a cross-disciplinary and diverse environment that stimulates best ideas, creates leading minds and fosters the next generation of researchers, teachers and clinicians. We extend our desire for excellence in all aspects of learning, teaching, research and clinical application into national and international engagement with the wider community.