Richard Gartrell

Mr Richard Gartrell

Colorectal Research Fellow and MS Student

Richard is a Colorectal Research Fellow based at Department of Surgery, Western Precinct, University of Melbourne. Richard graduated from Medicine in 2010 and began surgical training in Far North Queensland. Surgical training involved many relocations throughout Queensland but culminated in the completion of the General Surgical Fellowship in 2019.

Richard has always had a passion for Colorectal Surgery and the opportunity to move to Victoria to take up a Research Fellow Position in the specialty was an exciting opportunity not to be missed. He is a current Masters of Surgery student with the University of Melbourne and his main project relates to changes in body composition in patients with colorectal cancer. He is a founding member of Australia’s first trainee-led research collaborative (QUEST) which was developed to improve and inspire trainee research projects. The collaborative has enjoyed success both nationally and with international projects.

Outside of his research commitments Richard is involved in developing and delivering the surgical curriculum for the University of Melbourne and is also a research supervisor for students participating in their own Masters projects. He enjoyed a similar affiliation with the University of Queensland as an Associate Lecturer and examiner.

Richard also enjoys a clinical role with Western Health and actively participates in the surgical care of patients at Western Health. This position also enables Richard to administer clinical ward-based teaching.

Richard and his wife have three active children and all of them enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. The move to Melbourne has its unique challenges, which mostly relate to the unpredictable cold weather, but this is offset by the range of enjoyable activities and the great tasting coffee and croissants on offer!